Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cookie Recipes

I had this great idea just now, I just wish we could afford the postage. lol On the page that's going to be the first link they show sugar cookies decorated to look like postcards. That lead me to think "Hey, wouldn't it be cute instead of sending Christmas cards to send Christmas card COOKIES instead???" Damn postage. lol Oh well, maybe I can do it for the people around here. And watch out US family, postcard cookies will be coming your way next year! Anyway, on with the recipes...

Don't ask me why these are called 3-in-1 sugar cookies. The recipe doesn't say and it isn't blatantly obvious.

3-in-1 Sugar Cookies

These may be another candidate for the "in a jar" gift idea since they have relatively few wet ingredients and are a little different than most people would ordinarily make. I want to give something that is a little out of the ordinary, something a little more "gourmet" than the traditional sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, etc...

Spice Cookies

These sound really pretty and I think I saw the show they're featured on. I love Sandra Lee's show, I wish we got it out here, but I guess Food Network Canada is out of the loop when it comes to her greatness. ;)

Stained Glass Cookies

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