Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh like I needed another hobby...

I went to the Wool Emporium for some Paton's SWS (pics of what I'm doing with that when I finish it) And I bought this:
Which led to this:

And this:
Which led to this:
And this:

And this:Which led to this:

And having the flu (or something... not sure what it is exactly but I want it to go away) led to this:

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boring boring boring....

*sigh* Kinda homesick today. I think the gloomy weather outside did it. I don't know why, but I always remember Sunday's being gloomy in Ohio. Logically, I know Sunday has just as much of a chance to be sunny as any day but... meh. *shrug* And today feels like Sunday for me. If I close my eyes I can hear my mom and Aunt Jean sitting at the kitchen table playing yah... that game with the dice, most likely tossing playful insults back and forth at each other. lol I can smell the chicken cooking in the roaster. I can hear Dad and Uncle Bud watching some sports thing on the tv. There's a cat laying on the tv. Another one is sitting at the bowls in the kitchen and oddly enough to soft sounds of cat food crunching are a comfort to me. And down the hall is the bedroom where I can just go crawl into bed with Dylan and doze the day away.

*bigger sigh*

But it's not Sunday and I'm not in Ohio.

I've turned the heel on FABULOUS!! #2. I'm bored with it at the moment though. What I really want to knit is something cabled and deliciously complicated. Those socks tend to do that to me. *smile*

Off to thaw some chicken for dinner tonight.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Precious, precious piece of paper....

I have, in my posession, a brand spankin new visa!!!! Yay!!!! This one lasts till the end of May. By then I should have my application sent in and I can reapply for an extension for a year this time and they should give it to me because I'll be able to give them proof I've sent in my application. Phew. I can relax. For now. lol

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Spring Cleaning... In February And Some Socks

I'll post about the cleaning that's been going on around here, but first I have to tell you about Aunt Jean's "FABULOUS!!" socks. lol If you don't know my Aunt Jean you have to know that she is an incredible lady. She got hurt a while ago and has been off work for a long time. That's kind of got her bummed so I decided to knit her some socks. I searched high and low for the right pattern, tried numerous times to get just the right yarn, and finally had to settle for the yarns I'm doing these socks in. I hope they're fabulous enough to grace my faviorite Auntie's feet. Just a LITTLE flamboyant but at the same time slightly subdued, just like Aunt Jean. *smile*

This is the pattern they're based on. The pattern called for four colors, I'm using two. This is the best picture I could get. For some reason the pages of that book just don't photograph well. It's from "Socks, Socks, Socks"

Now, on with the cleaning. Our toiletries and medications and crap like that had been housed in one drawer of Dylan's dresser since we first moved back out here in August. Since I reorganized my clothes I needed somewhere to store my pretty girlie underthings (considering my new clothing storage solution is, um... a little public. lol) so all of the stuff that had been in the drawer went to live here:

After waiting five minutes to go pee so that I could help Dylan put a bandaid somewhere he couldn't see because he was digging around for one I knew something had to be done. Besides, I couldn't find my favorite hairbrush and that just couldn't happen. Not with as much freaking hair as I have... lol So I did this:

Everything organized by category dumped into the freezer bags I bought last time we went shopping, even though I didn't know why I bought them at the time. Hopefully it doesn't take five minutes to find a bandaid while I do the potty dance anymore. lol

Then we did this with my clothes last night:

Much better than the old solution, my ginormous suitcase laying on the floor with all of my clothes sort of thrown into it. Ah, the orderly-ness

Crazy Lil Thing Called Love

So I'm sitting here listening to launchcast on Yahoo while I knit and read an awesome blog (which will be joining the others in my blogroll shortly) and "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders comes on. And it hit me... As of yesterday Dylan and I have been married for four months. I got all teary, I couldn't help it. That song really fits us right now. I think this immigration thing was easier when I hadn't heard anything back about my visa, as opposed to now, where I know a decision is coming and I have to keep fighting back tears because I'm terrified they'll make me go back to the states. And I don't want to. I love living in Canada. This is the most amazing place I've ever lived. I can walk down the street and I don't have to worry that someone is going to mug me or yell at me or anything stupid like that. I can cross a street and not have to worry about getting hit by a car (most of the time, but I'm more worried about drivers that can't stop on these snowy streets than I am about drivers who just don't care lol) I don't want to go back, Immigration Canada, do you hear me? Please please please let me stay here... Anyway, here are the lyrics of the day (yes, I know, they've been posted before. bite me)

"I'll Stand by You" The Pretenders

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Dont be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
cause Ive seen the dark side too
When the night falls on you
You dont know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you

So if youre mad, get mad
Dont hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now
Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
Well Im a lot like you
When youre standing at the crossroads
And dont know which path to choose
Let me come along
cause even if youre wrong

Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And Ill never desert you
Ill stand by you

And when...
When the night falls on you, baby
Youre feeling all alone
You wont be on your own

Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you

Ill stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And Ill never desert you
Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you

Monday, February 5, 2007


Too depressed to blog today. So this is the only thing I'm posting. Yes, I know, I'm cheating on the "blog every day" thing. I don't care.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The List

I don't have anything interesting to blog about but I'm trying to blog every day, so I thought I'd post some of the things that are on my "To Make" list right now.

1.) I love this bag. It's the Brea bag from Berroco. But since I'm usually doing a lot while I'm knitting I haven't yet found the concentration to start this bag.

2.) I'm actually going to start this sweater as soon as I have a couple of projects off of the needles. It's the "Cardigan for Merry" from anny purls. I'm not sure what yarn I'm going to use yet, but I know none of the stuff in my stash is going to work. The only thing I have that would get the right gauge is baby blue and I am so sick of that baby blue yarn right now...

3.) This isn't a knitting pattern, but it's on the list so... Anyway, it's the Wee Bunny from WeeWonderfuls.

4.) This is the latest addition. It's the "Sweater Bag" from Lionbrand. I love cables, can you tell??

Saturday, February 3, 2007

New Arrival

I'd like to announce the latest addition to our family:

This is Zana and Doug's new baby Blizzard. Isn't he gorgeous?

He took to Dylan right away and spent most of the visit on the couch between Dylan and I. He didn't want to leave when Zana and Doug wanted to leave either. lol

He learned the cardinal rule of being an animal in this family: Grandma is weird.


Friday, February 2, 2007

Naming the twins....

Your Boobies' Names Are...

Bambi and Thumper

Yep, that's what I'm going to start calling them from now on...