Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The things that happen at this place after midnight....

May I present....

Thumb-ledor. Yes, that's Dylan's thumb. Yes, that's a wilton cake tip and half a coupler. Yes, he came up with that on his own. Man I love my husband. lol

Monday, July 30, 2007

Huge... Massive... PHOTOBLOG!!

Birthday post!! Yay! First up, the wooly goodness Krystal bought me

It's "Fire on the Mountain" Socks that Rock lightweight by Blue Moon Fiber arts.

Next, what Mom bought me...

New jeans, folded up so that the entire internet can't tell how much junk is in my trunk. *cracks up*

Now the rest of my birthday goodies...

The straightening iron and pretty ribbon that came with it that Krystal bought me. Oh and the bumper sticker that came with my yarn. Then there's the perfume oil (???) Dylan's Mum bought me, as well as the pretty lacy pink box and the Harry Potter dvd. And then the cute duckie soaps Dylan got me (he bought me other things but I didn't take any pictures. This includes this cd. I'm missing the three bonus songs. I'm pissed.)

Next, I have birthday party pictures for you. We went over to Jean and Eric's house on the 21st. We brought booze and cake. More about the booze later. lol

First, this is Octavia wearing the princess hat and wings we got her for her birthday.

And this is Jean's stepson Josh. This was the first time we met Josh and Jordan and I loved both of them immediately. Josh posed for the camera all nice, but I had to chase Jordan down.

Jordan thought hiding under the bed would keep me from taking her picture. *evil laugh* Nothing will stop me from taking pictures... Oh God, I've been around Dylan's family too much. I've become just as snap happy as they are!

The kids played in the pool while we all sat around and talked around the bbq.

And then a big kid decided to play with the hose

Here's one of Dylan eating with the kids.

And then after the cake... then came the booze...

I can't remember exactly what she was saying (I'd had 2 or 3 by then and I was feeling WAY too good lol) but I know it was hilarious. Probably made more hilarious by how very near wasted I was. lol

And here's one to show how wasted Jean was...

Good times... And here's one more kokanee endorsement photo for you. lol

Oh, wait, here's a photo of my Mystery Stole 3 stole...

Do you see the dragon too? Dylan saw it before I did. I... well, I thought it was a goat. lol

Sunday, July 8, 2007


First, some cuteness....

Is that not the cutest kid ever? lol Jean, Tav, and Eric (hope I spelled his name right) were here today and Dylan snapped these pictures. I love that kid to death, even if she did make me so sick I wanted to die.

Now, Mystery Stole 3 progress. This is after I'd just finished row #33 of clue one. I just got the beads and crochet hook today. See my shiny new bright red size 4's? I love those things. I love red needles in general.

Here's a better pic of the beads I'm using. These pictures were taken on an old pillow that has had things spilled on it and is used for making the computer chair more comfy, so please excuse anything that looks... yucky. lol

And here are the beads I got to do Krystal's shawl, which is killing me to not tell her about or post pictures since I'm thisclose to being finished with it. lol

Friday, July 6, 2007


I would have thought it would be more. I mean, I'm a little liberal with the f word sometimes. lol (See last post for example)

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Monday, July 2, 2007


I'm sick. I'm so sick. Viral gastroenteritis. Or "the stomach FUCKING flu". I'm so sick that other bacteria and viruses look at me and say "Whoa, leave that lady alone dude. That's one scary virus. There'll be nothing left for us!" Bleh...