Thursday, December 7, 2006

Damn Internet...

I feel like I've been gone forever. Our internet went down and is only now back up. The good news is we've got an awesome new cable company and a bazillion more channels than we used to have. And if Dylan is using the internet, I can still surf a little bit (check my email, post on here if I had the patience to use the remote to do it letter by letter, read craftster) using the tv. It's pretty cool. Having to use the remote to do everything is a pain when I'm used to using a mouse and keyboard, but it's still pretty spiffy.
And now onto other news... Umm... Hmm... other news... Oh right! Well, I've started exercising every morning and I can feel my abs tightening up already. Which is pretty awesome. Every time I move the floor creaks so I don't do a lot. I've just started dancing until my heart rate goes up and I break a sweat, keep going for a little while, then cool down. I didn't know dancing could tighten your abs though. It's pretty cool. Now I just need to lose some fat so that those nice tight abs can be shown off! lol Plus I run up and down the stairs at least 15 times a day for one thing or another, so I'm getting awesome calf and thigh muscles. It's crazy how easily I build muscle. Pretty cool too, although I have to be careful about my arms or I'll get "burly" looking again. lmao Of course, the entire goal of the weight loss is so that once we're ready my body will be ready to get pregnant. Which will most likely ruin all of my hard work... I can't wait till it gets warmer out here so I can walk. I love working out. I know, I'm a freak. But it feels good. It gives me that high like I got when I got my tattoo, only a little less. Plus I know I'm doing something good for my body. Working out when you've got a cold sucks ass though. I can't imagine doing something more than dancing. My nose has developed this unfortunate running problem and I'd probably drown! lol Ok that was gross, but I'm in a mood this morning.
Also, I've discovered that I may well be a morning person. I love having the house to myself in the mornings after Dylan goes to work and his parents are still sleepin. It's so quiet and peaceful. And I feel so energized on the days where I've had more than 6 hours of sleep. lol Which is not today.
The writing is going well. Last Saturday I wrote 30 pages. 30 pages!!!!!!!! *little excited squeal* And then on Monday I sat down and wrote 25 pages. The past couple of days has been bad writing-wise, but I think that's because I've got this cold and I feel too foggy headed. Plus I get hung up on sex scenes. I don't know what my freaking problem is. lol So I'm going to be making a blog for my writing, posting each chapter as a blog post. Some people will get a link, a lot will not. And do you know why? Well, that's because I'm not ready for everyone to get to read my baby. lol Mostly just Krystal and Barrett and Dylan of course, although Dylan wouldn't have to read a blog to read it, all he'd have to do is pop the disk in and open it up. But the blog idea means I don't have to file transfer with Krystal every freaking time I have something new. I'd be doing that every other day at least and it's a pain in the ass! Anyway, I'm off to get my new blog together. Oh, one last thing! Dylan and I have a new couples email account. I'll be sending out an email to let people know about it soon.

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