Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hmmm... Brainwashing?

Given Krystal's sudden burst of interest in knitting (*little happy dance*), I feel the need to confess that I may have had something to do with this. First came my discussion of the Harry Potter scarves. Then, while looking for a pattern for a hat for my mom (which never came to fruition b/c of my current obsession with socks... more on that later) I came upon this pattern and showed to to Krystal. Then came the question I had been waiting to hear. "Do you think I could knit that?" Before this point Krystal had only knit fun fur scarves on what I'm presuming to be big needles. (Fiber snobs shudder here. The rest of us will go on without you, you can catch up later.) I say sure and point her toward She buys yarn and needles (at least I think. I was relatively uninvolved at this point). I explain k4 p4 rib. Then stockinette stitch. Then how to change colors. She perseveres and I just about pop in pride. Still unconvinced I've converted another one (after Jean's somewhat failed conversion...) I wait patiently. Finally the call comes. "Angie I finished my hat!" I grin and wait somewhat nervously. I have mentioned the Calorimetry I made for myself and posted pics of it here on my blog. Then comes the question. "Do you think I could knit that?" I make a graphic explaining short rows and post it here on the blog. And she knit a calorimetry too. And now what is she making? A purse that actually contains lace. *shakes her head in wonder* I think we have a successful conversion on our hands here. Krystal, I'm here for you when you're ready for cables. Really. *grin*

What made me think of this? I was over at Yarn Harlot's blog (which helped me through the mindless knitting phase of the second toddler sock I've been working on) and I found this post. I'm glad to find out I'm not the only one who went through this process, though on my behalf I did most of it subconsciously. lol

On with the finished objects:

I have finished two pairs of socks in one week. Admittedly, said socks were done on pretty big needles (for socks) with worsted weight yarn. I'm still impressed anyway.

See that little ball of yarn up there? That's all I had left after knitting Mom's socks. It will be wound up into a neat little center pull ball and sent along with the socks just in case said socks should ever need darning. Also because it's so pretty I couldn't bring myself to throw it away and there's no project on earth I could finish with that much yarn. The light blue socks are size 4-6 and I have no clue whatsoever who they're for. I just felt the need to knit them. Maybe I'll send them with Mom's socks and she can give them to Aunt Violet to find a home for. I'm sure there's some kid at their church or something that could use some cushy, warm hand knitted socks.

See how pretty these really are? I had to tweak the color a little because they came out some odd shade because of the digital camera:

They're still not exactly the right color, Mom, but that's as close as I could get them. You'll see them when they get to Ohio.

And, as an insurance policy for the insanity that may ensue once I have some sock yarn and little needles,

I, Angela Renee King-Ferrier, hereby state that I, being of mostly sound mind and fairly sound body, understand that by starting to knit these socks:

I will be forfeiting my spare time, sanity, and reason.

I still intend to knit them. They came from this book, by the way.

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