Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boring boring boring....

*sigh* Kinda homesick today. I think the gloomy weather outside did it. I don't know why, but I always remember Sunday's being gloomy in Ohio. Logically, I know Sunday has just as much of a chance to be sunny as any day but... meh. *shrug* And today feels like Sunday for me. If I close my eyes I can hear my mom and Aunt Jean sitting at the kitchen table playing yah... that game with the dice, most likely tossing playful insults back and forth at each other. lol I can smell the chicken cooking in the roaster. I can hear Dad and Uncle Bud watching some sports thing on the tv. There's a cat laying on the tv. Another one is sitting at the bowls in the kitchen and oddly enough to soft sounds of cat food crunching are a comfort to me. And down the hall is the bedroom where I can just go crawl into bed with Dylan and doze the day away.

*bigger sigh*

But it's not Sunday and I'm not in Ohio.

I've turned the heel on FABULOUS!! #2. I'm bored with it at the moment though. What I really want to knit is something cabled and deliciously complicated. Those socks tend to do that to me. *smile*

Off to thaw some chicken for dinner tonight.

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