Thursday, February 8, 2007

Spring Cleaning... In February And Some Socks

I'll post about the cleaning that's been going on around here, but first I have to tell you about Aunt Jean's "FABULOUS!!" socks. lol If you don't know my Aunt Jean you have to know that she is an incredible lady. She got hurt a while ago and has been off work for a long time. That's kind of got her bummed so I decided to knit her some socks. I searched high and low for the right pattern, tried numerous times to get just the right yarn, and finally had to settle for the yarns I'm doing these socks in. I hope they're fabulous enough to grace my faviorite Auntie's feet. Just a LITTLE flamboyant but at the same time slightly subdued, just like Aunt Jean. *smile*

This is the pattern they're based on. The pattern called for four colors, I'm using two. This is the best picture I could get. For some reason the pages of that book just don't photograph well. It's from "Socks, Socks, Socks"

Now, on with the cleaning. Our toiletries and medications and crap like that had been housed in one drawer of Dylan's dresser since we first moved back out here in August. Since I reorganized my clothes I needed somewhere to store my pretty girlie underthings (considering my new clothing storage solution is, um... a little public. lol) so all of the stuff that had been in the drawer went to live here:

After waiting five minutes to go pee so that I could help Dylan put a bandaid somewhere he couldn't see because he was digging around for one I knew something had to be done. Besides, I couldn't find my favorite hairbrush and that just couldn't happen. Not with as much freaking hair as I have... lol So I did this:

Everything organized by category dumped into the freezer bags I bought last time we went shopping, even though I didn't know why I bought them at the time. Hopefully it doesn't take five minutes to find a bandaid while I do the potty dance anymore. lol

Then we did this with my clothes last night:

Much better than the old solution, my ginormous suitcase laying on the floor with all of my clothes sort of thrown into it. Ah, the orderly-ness

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