Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Yarn That Ate Saint Louis!!!

Our Walmart sells 1lb bags of mill ends and today I picked up this:

It's some sort of ladder/ribbon yarn that I'm going to do a wrap in. While I was moving it from the bed (where I took that picture) over to the computer chair where I could work on untangling it while I chatted with Krystal, this happened:

My first reaction was "OMG!!!" *cracks up* I've nicknamed this stuff "The Yarn That Ate Saint Louis"


Hour 1: Detangling this stuff is pretty rough. Literally. My fingers may be bleeding when this is over. Krystal is on the phone with me, sending her sympathy yet also laughing at my stupidity and predicting I'll run out of yarn and be unable to get anymore cause this was the last bag. Here's what the ball looks like at the end of hour 1:

Hour 2: No more serious tangles. Things are sailing along smoothly. No bleeding fingers yet. Here's what it looks like at the end of hour 2 (typo: hour 32... yeah, feels like it)

Hour 3ish: Oy... Look what I just found.... Taking a break now.

Hour 4ish: Oh my god. At least it's almost over. This wrap better be absolutely beautiful and perfect for me. Really. Just went and fondled the yarn I bought for socks for Tammy. That stuff is BUTTAH... *sighs happily and ignores that little voice that says "You know, you don't have to detangle ALL of this tonight...."*

Quitting Time (Hour 5ish): I quit. I've sent what's left to the stash in an opaque Walmart bag to think about what it's done....

This stuff doesn't really resemble tinsel that much. The digital camera just does odd things with colors. Now I'm off to work on my shawl and watch Harry Potter.

(Edit: This mystery yarn is Bernat Matrix in "Server Silver" Charming. Way to make me feel like I'm knitting something out of "Hackers" And no cute, boyish Angelina in sight. Ah well)

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