Monday, April 23, 2007

Go Out With Me

So today's Dylan's day off and you're going to come with us downtown. Just down the block from the blood draw place they're tearing down an old movie theater. Kinda makes me sad because that's such a waste of resources. Rumor is it's going to be a Marriott hotel. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe Dylan and I will be able to take the associate rate and get a night out at a hotel once in awhile.

Ok, now we're going to walk to the police station to get my background check started... Look, Pic Man Tattoo! Let's stop and get a tattoo...
Or not. No money for tattoos right now. Maybe next time ;) Just down the street is something that always makes me think of Dad.
Here's the downtown library. I love to go here but I always come home from there with entirely too many books. Good thing I take the bus now. Walking home from the library was pure hell. The police station is just across the street from here.
Ok, we're all done, now we need to get this to the post office. Look, there go my immigration papers. My heart is all poundy. lol

Well, we went shopping at Preston Crossing Mall, but we were having so much fun we didn't take any pictures (besides, Walmart, Michael's, and Futureshop aren't blogworthy). There's the bus as it pulls away.
I need to stop in here for some bread.

Look, the Stokes seed catalogue came while we were gone.
Come see me tomorrow when we walk to the library and I show you around my neighborhood. :)

(P.S. Here's an "in action" pic of Dylan's socks...)

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