Thursday, May 24, 2007

Alicia's bag and a new shawl

I finished Alicia's bag JUST before the party on Sunday. I originally hated this thing (wouldn't felt completely, didn't felt sturdy enough, I had to sew plastic canvas into the lining to get it to hold up properly...) But by the time I finished it I loved it. There may be one of these babies in my future. Probably not a skull though. I wish I could find a Marilyn Monroe chart that's only 28 stitches wide.

The lining. I used the same fabric here as I used for my skully purse. I think I'm getting burned out on the skulls.

And here's the shawl I started yesterday. I've joined a knit along on craftster for people who are knitting their first lace shawls. I'm loving this shawl.

"Wait!" you say. "Knitting content on your knitting blog, Angie??"

Yeah well... don't get used to it. *wink*

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