Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Hello! I don't know what to blog about today. I mean, I have some pictures to show you, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to say. I guess I'd better explain the picture that's only being shown in a link....
Saturday night I was in the shower and I fell. Here's a picture of what resulted. Yes I'm ok. I hit my head in three places and I was hurting all over but I still managed to finish my shower. lol It doesn't even hurt that much today, but damn I was not pleased. I'm so glad we got a new mat for in the tub. I don't wanna repeat that one. (As a hint to it's size let's just say it's EXACTLY the same size as the top of my shaving cream can. Imagine that.)

I've been spinning lately. It's organically raised shetland wool from a farm here in Saskatchewan. This stuff is incredible. Here's a (blurry) picture:

That's the thickness I'm getting with my white trash drop spindle. (It's still thick-and-thin but I think I'm getting more consistent. Except when I'm on the phone with Krystal. lol) I forgot to take a picture of the spindle, I'll have to do that next time. I made it myself because my spindle is too heavy and I couldn't get a lighter one at my LYS.

And here is one sock of two for Dad for a (belated) Father's Day present.

My dad is a hard guy to shop for, so I hope he likes these socks. They're for him to wear when he goes hunting to keep his feet toasty warm, even when he gets his feet wet. Yes that's the top of a trash can. I had to take the picture in the backyard because it was too dark in the house and that was the only flat surface I had available. lol

Pattern: My own, a modified version of Stephanie's basic sock
Yarn: Phildar Preface in "Flanelle"
Needles: "Unique" US size 1's

If I were going to do these again I'd... what the hell am I saying? I'm probably not going to do these again. I was insane to think I could handle this much 2x2 rib. I'm an inch into the second sock and I'm dying. lol But I love my dad and I want him to have warm feet. And when you're a knitter, storebought socks just don't say "I love you and I miss you cause I'm far far away" like handknit (stitch by torturous stitch...) ones do.

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