Sunday, July 8, 2007


First, some cuteness....

Is that not the cutest kid ever? lol Jean, Tav, and Eric (hope I spelled his name right) were here today and Dylan snapped these pictures. I love that kid to death, even if she did make me so sick I wanted to die.

Now, Mystery Stole 3 progress. This is after I'd just finished row #33 of clue one. I just got the beads and crochet hook today. See my shiny new bright red size 4's? I love those things. I love red needles in general.

Here's a better pic of the beads I'm using. These pictures were taken on an old pillow that has had things spilled on it and is used for making the computer chair more comfy, so please excuse anything that looks... yucky. lol

And here are the beads I got to do Krystal's shawl, which is killing me to not tell her about or post pictures since I'm thisclose to being finished with it. lol

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