Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Ex

Taking inspiration from Stephanie (see her post from the 6th), today's post will be "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" Saskatoon Ex style.

The Good:

-Dog shows. Seriously, those Superdogs were pretty cool. Especially Pot Roast (the "watermelon with legs" or bulldog lol) (To see Pot Roast go to the page I linked to and look at the third dog down)

-Petting zoos. Got to touch a sheep and an alpaca. Yeah baby.

-Funnel cakes

-Bus drivers with cool Aussie accents (see the bus thing under "The Bad")

The Bad:

-The crowds once the sun went down. Good Lord.

-My aching feet

-Free Ex shuttle buses that were packed so full of people that they were standing in the aisles

-Getting to the Confederation bus terminal and finding out there is ONE bus left to catch (Scary!)

-Being so tired that I can't even bring myself to get up out of this chair to go to the bathroom and make myself something to eat lol

The Ugly

-People who smoke in public places. Really. Just because you want to coat your lungs in tar doesn't mean you have to come sit down beside me on a public bench and light one up. And you got smoke on my yarn. It's rude.

-Rude carnies.

-Heavy backpacks that make it so even wearing a BRA hurts the next day

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