Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby Pictures!!!

Zana and Doug brought Miss O over last night so she could finally meet her Uncle Dylan. I'd say they like each other. *grin*

She and I already know each other. I'm that lady that gives her bottles and has those great boobs. Babies love the boobs. It's weird.

Then of course there's Grandma. Grandma's the only one of us (aside from her parents of course) that can get away with holding her that way. To get the picture of the two of us I had to switch her into that position and if you look at that picture you can see she's getting ready to yell at me. I was saying "Hurry up and take the picture!" lol

And seeing this picture, I realize I really need to knit her a new hat. Cause this one kept poppin off. She'd grin at me every time I'd pull it down. Goofy kid.

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