Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I'm blogging. That's right. Better run outside and see if the sky is falling. lol This is going to be quick since I just don't feel like blogging still (Krystal, however, is a hobag and guilted me into it). Let's see, what's new in my life... Olivia came home last week. She and I spent some quality snuggle time on Saturday, after I got my flu shot. She's already learned that all she needs to do is cry and she has Auntie Angie just where she wants her. Crap! lol I re-read Mistral's Kiss and read A Lick of Frost... Umm... Dylan's birthday was a LOOOONG time ago, but a disagreement with blogger kept me from posting the pictures from it. So here they are, Dylan's cake and the dinner I made him.

And in knitting news... Still chugging along on my flower basket shawl. Here's a picture except... well.... it's the wrong side showing. Oops!

I'm working on socks out of my birthday STR

And finally, the current love of my life (knitting wise. No worries honey!)

Pattern: My own entrelac pattern cobbled together from several things on the internet
Yarn: Patons SWS in natural earth
Needles: Size 9

I dreamt about this scarf. I was in love with it before I even had the yarn. I wear it all the time. I'd wear it indoors if I could. lol There was some confusion about the color but it turns out that after some of the color bled in the soak before I blocked it. Now the red is the color I keep seeing online. Good lord I love this scarf. lol Ok I'll shut up about it now.

I'm toying with another lace idea but I can't show you because it's for a gift for someone who reads this blog. And I'm working on a scarf for Krystal for Christmas as part of her "Christma-birthday" package. lol There, I blogged. Now I'm done.

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Krystal said...

Oh, Angie, your scarf is soooo pretty! :) Sorry I guilted you into blogging, but don't you feel so much better now?