Friday, September 7, 2007

Bad Blogger! No yarn for you!

So I'm apparently really really bad at this blogging thing. lol I try to blog with some regularity, but I always fail. I don't know why that is. Ah well. Ready for a FO roundup?

Ok. Let's go.

Pattern: Mine (I'll post the pattern here on my blog once I do the second one)
Needles: US size 8/ 5mm
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in "Rosewood" 2 skeins + enough to do the four biggest rows of the edging

I love this. It's a little smaller than I'd like. I may reblock.

Here, have a closeup of the edging:

Yummy! Dylan says this yarn makes him think of neopolatan ice cream.

Next up, Krystal's Kiri. She loves it already and she hasn't even seen it in real life.

Pattern: Kiri (That's a pdf, click at your own risk if you're on dial up)
Needles: My favorite size 7 circs
Yarn: Angora Alize. Not Angora though. Mohair. Ugh

I loved this pattern, absolutely hated the yarn. I don't know if I'm allergic to mohair or just this yarn, but this was truly a labor of love. My favorite part? The icy blue cracked glass beads that refused to photograph without looking neon blue that I knitted into the points of the edging.

Now on to the stuff I've done for Zana. I'm safe posting this as she's safely housed at the University of Saskatchewan Hospital for several more weeks while we all anxiously await the arrival of her munchkin. He's going to be early, but it's better that he's early and they get her blood pressure down.

First up, my variation on the Little Devil Hat

Pattern: My own, loosely based on Lil Devil Pattern
Needles: Favorite size 7 circ again
Yarn: Cheapo acrylic. I know, Krystal, I know. lol

I started out doing the original Lil Devil pattern, but I didn't check my gauge first and well... it would have fit Octavia by the time it was done. lol So I ripped back, cast on 50 (48 sts for pattern 2 for seaming) and called it good. The "horns" aren't exactly centered or even with each other, but as long as it keeps little "Buddha"'s head warm I'm happy.

And here are two blankets I made

Fuzzy Wuzzy One:
Pattern: My own. I'm sensing a theme here
Yarn: Red Heart Baby Clouds 3 skeins (One each Lavender, Cloud and I think Pastel Multi)
Hook: Size N

The One with the Tags:

I did this one from a tutorial I found somewhere on the internet. Just sandwich two receiving blankets together with some ribbon "tags" around the edges and stitch together. Ta da!

Here's a photo of the hood on Fuzzy Wuzzy

Next, the baby bolero from One Skein

I don't have the specs on this one anymore because I did this when I first found out Zana was pregnant. I know it's acrylic and I'm 90% positive it was done on my size 7 circular, just like everything else. lol

Zana requested baby washcloths, so here's the first one. I plan on doing several more.

Pattern: Love Cloth (I'll post the link later when my hubby isn't wanting dinner)
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter
Needles: Size 7 circs

Haven't woven in the ends yet and I need to wash this first because the yarn bleeds. (The color on this one is way off. Well, at least the sheet in the background is. The washcloth is pretty close)

And here's a picture of the grand total as of today.

And last but not least, the head scarf thing I'm knitting for Jean for her birthday. Yes, our birthdays were months ago. Maybe I'll just keep it for Christmas. lol We got her other stuff!

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