Friday, January 5, 2007

From the mouths of babes...

Today I was thinking about when I was living at home and I was remembering something one of the neighbor's kids said to me one time. I was sitting on the porch steps with her watching my parents do something in the garden and she said:

"Angie, I needed to come see you. You know why?"


"Because I love you guys. You guys are my neighbors and I love you!"

I had to fight really hard not to cry. Sabrina wasn't even old enough to be in school yet at that time. Imagine if everyone in the world was like that. Loving their neighbors. I didn't think a lot about that when I lived in Ohio because I knew all of my neighbors and was at least on a first name basis with them. But now that I'm here living in the city I think about that more. I don't know my neighbors. The guy fixing up the house next door says hi to me, but I don't even know anyone here in the neighborhood. I mean, Tammy and Dawn live down the street a couple of blocks, but they're family, not neighbors. I guess that's something I miss a lot. Knowing my neighbors and having that feeling of extended family. I hope that even though my kids will live in the city that Dylan and I will be able to still give our kids that feeling. That our friends are extended family for them. That feeling of knowing someone will be there for you if you needed them, even if they aren't necessarily family.

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